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Saturday, December 03, 2016

From one cult to another

Zeca @CEMB has posted an article from the Washington Post. It's about Ibn Stormfront, Derek Black:

Don [Black] began to read [his son's] letter. It had phrases like “structural oppression,” “privilege,” “limited opportunity,” and “marginalized groups” — the kind of liberal-apologist language Don and Derek had often made fun of on the radio.

Let's leave aside the cheap shots about whether the Post would be so solicitous to its own apostates, and stick to topic.

Zeca says, I think he might find something in common with ex-muslims. I unfortunately think he's right. Many apostates have lived their lives forced to think in jargon and to stick to tribe, and when they apostasise they too-often fall into a new tribe where they must think in that jargon. CEMB's own Maryam Namazie, Workerist, was one such (not sure about now).

In the meantime Derek Black can look forward to a semi-profitable future delivering speeches to Washington Post readers, until they find the next shiny thing.

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