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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Evangelicals for Hillary

Yeah, um, if you are at all a believer in Christianity - or, I'd argue, in Judaism - Hillary was not your gal. That didn't stop some people.

The article isn't bad. It does mention that Messaging thing (here, Dems not understanding "the least of us") but it's honest enough to know that Messaging wasn't the Democrats' problem. The Democrats' real problem is that it kept saying (like Kevin Williamson keeps saying) that the evangelical demographic has lost the game of History and should just die already - like Judis was saying 15 years ago. But, as Galadriel put it: there were some, who resisted.

Honestly, though, with a party and a deep-state so hostile to Christianity, both here and abroad, evangelicals who lend advice to either are fools. At best - Michael Wear here dismisses debates over abortion and gmarriage as theological positions. Wear doesn't insult just those positions; he insults theology. All things start with theology.

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