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Saturday, December 17, 2016

DS9: Shakaar

I figured I'd post some more Deep Space 9 stuff. This week I started again where I left off on Season Three... sort of. I'll get to that. (My word, it's been over a year.) I'll jump to Shakaar because it's a good one, so easier to write about.

This episode features the power-mad Winn Adami of Bajor. She has become the kai, basically the pope. (Bajor has many social problems but "sexism" is not one of them.) Now she is provisional first-minister as well, because the previous minister Kalem Apren bit it in his sleep and because, you know, who better than the pope?

As I said... many social problems. And Bajor's got more problems than that.

Long before this series started, Bajor was doing its grimy pious thing, and the Cardassian military showed up to "help". There they stayed for some generations, not helping (yay colonialism!) and during the inevitable rebellion the Cardassian occupiers poisoned a good deal of the land. Much of this, I suspect, was done to hurt the hilly areas like Dahkur which was furnishing the worst of the resistance. But the Cardassians had also done some of this to much better farmland at Rakantha (boton, moreka, and salam grass!), which this episode explains was done out of pure spite.

Today Bajor has been using "soil reclamators", which may reclaim some of the spoilt land. But these are finite. Bajor has a bit of a cash-flow problem. As you can imagine.

We are told that Kalem furnished the reclamators to Dahkur in the last few months, for use until the next growing season. (Dahkur is Shakaar's home province, and Kira Nerys's.) But Kalem, as noted, has bit it. Winn wants to take those reclamators right NOW and to pass them to Rakantha. Winn says that a swiftly-healed Rakantha will allow exports and allow Bajor to balance its books again. Maybe.

It wasn't said in this show, but I think Winn had ulterior motives. I think she had no interest in allowing Dahkur to rebound, just to supply goods fit only for Bajoran tables, and still riddled with all those hills and ravines. I think Winn had more interest in keeping Bajor economically dependent on alien goods, and in sitting atop the main artery of this economy.

Winn's plot was foiled of course. Shakaar wasn't having it; neither was Kira. One mistake Winn made was in trying to bring in Shakaar with a force full of Dakhorans. But really I think the whole planet figured out what Winn was about.

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