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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Campus football jocks get rapey

About that fight for due process in Minnesota... a side-effect with due-process is that sometimes the process plays out, and some nasty turns up. If you can stomach it, pdf. (This may or may not be how the rules of evidence are supposed to work, but...)

I make a point of avoiding college athletics because get your ass back to class, if for no other reason. When you admit ringers who can't take real classwork, you're going to admit low-IQ dolts with high time-preference. As for the victim: when you leave your female undergrads loose to do what they want at night, because gosh darn it nothing bad ever happened in your Minnesota village, they're going to stray into harm's way.

You can do all the Title IX compliance and all the sexual-harassment seminars you want. Literal cluster@#%^s like this are going to happen. Unless you do these things: admit students on GPA and test-scores alone (no affirmative-action, either); recruit athletes only after you've admitted your pool of incoming students; keep women and men in their own separate dormitory buildings.

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