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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Upload #144 - redeeming Damascus

A few years ago I was struggling with Shimon bar Yohai and whether we can trace the use of the title "al-Mansur" to the Umayyad era. I think I've found an example: "The Mansur of Damascus". But "Mansur" without the "al-" doesn't yet have messianic aspects.

Yesterday I also found a sura 37>21 link in their shared Noah story - rather, allusion to same, since, this is the Qur'an we are discussing. So, "Iconoclast" got updated again (quietly). Those links are always nice to have.

UPDATE 2:50 PM: Just realised that, with all that "n-s-r" talk, "Qur'anic Culture of Sura 22" has one more piece of evidence that it used sura 5; so, should link to "Mansur" there.


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