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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Upload #141 - planting seeds

I hadn't uploaded anything since late June. Doesn't mean I wasn't doin' nothin'.

I have taken 18 essays and marked them out for "publication" in a follow-up to The Arabs and Their Qur'an. I'm calling this collection A Garden for the Poets. UPDATE 11/5 AM: This is now ready. It's not on Amazon yet, but you can get it on CreateSpace.

This Tuesday on my "Madrassa" PDFs, I have redirected the links, in about half of the PDFs remaining, over to that upcoming collection. I also took this opportunity to move more links, citing The Arabs and also Throne of Glass, to their current page-locations in each. Those two books had been edited this year, so, the pages drifted.

Apart from that, I made a few (minor) tweaks. I'm spelling Issa Boullata's name correctly, at last. "Provision", about sura 51, now includes the point that it used to spell Abraham's name right. "Against Jihad" about sura 29 no longer links to that error I'd made years ago about sura 61 being so early; ditto "Sura of the Women". There's some other stuff I fixed before October, but didn't post, that I can't remember now.

As of this (5 November) morning, those eighteen essays are no longer available for free download. Better versions of these are now in A Garden.


11/5/2016: Bump.

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