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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flag day

President-Elect Trump is taking a stand against flag burning. My blog has supported the right to desecrate it - on the grounds of states' rights. Let’s revisit that thought. Call it Asperger's or cognitive-dissonance if you want. I don’t care.

The first point I want to look at, to get the sperg thing out of the way, is whether Trump is being internally consistent. For this issue, I always look at the person’s view on the various Confederate Flags, of which the Northern Virginia is the most famous; such a banner is by nature anti-Union. Trump, as the New York sort of Yankee, and as the son of immigrants himself, may or may not himself personally care, like a Greater New Englander would care; in this case, Trump has generally not supported the rebel flag. So do I find Trump is consistent here.

Beyond that, I don’t see the problem with banning nonAmericans from getting themselves involved in American disputes, especially where American identity is in dispute. If they’re caught doing that, their visa needs to be revoked. I would carry that on to the first generation of immigrants (like me); more, also to those born here to immigrants – if we are going to have birthright citizenship at all (spoiler: I disagree), that status needs to be provisional.

And yes, it is a Federal issue. No fair a state allowing in a bunch of anti-American non-Americans and then letting them do this under the Confederate Flag or the Bear Flag or even the Lone Star Flag. Such states are training a generation of rebels. There’s no Federal interest in that.

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