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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oscar voters versus the critics

Anne Thompson has a piece at IndieWire on Academy “Oscar” nominees and winners, and how they compare with such movies’ reviews.

I don’t much care for reviews when the movie is political or socially “woke”, as they are calling it now; reviewers tend to get their Puritan on and grade it according to its Virtue. (As condemned in “Dead Poets’ Society”.) In this list it looks like even when the reviewers look askance at too blatant a piece of SJW pandering, but mark it as “meh”, too often the Academy voters take that as cue to signal away. So we get “The Help” (62%), “Chocolat” (64%), “The Green Mile” (61%). All of which deserved those middling ratings, as artworks, and this is being generous. Based on the trailer I recently saw of “Denial” (64%), that looks to be the same. The only reason didactic mediocrities like these get into the Academy at all is because the voters think this is Worth Wreading – for others.

Thompson might have added the tiresome “Loving” except that here the reviewers had already signaled for it (79%). Sigh.

“Eye In The Sky” (73%), though, was great, not just good. Yes, I am biased against Rickman and against Islam, but not enough to obscure my vision in this case. Given our demonstration how Academy voters aren’t clear-headed, I expect some votes thrown Rickman’s way as tribute. But in this case, even if for the wrong reason, they’ll be doing the right thing.

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