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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Hillary's voters won the election

So now it's over. I should deliver a "postmortem". I haven't slept a lot lately, so I'm very tired - no alcohol has been involved, at least. I'm directing this post to an audience who I expect doesn't drop by this malorganised grouping of "dissident right" reaction, much. I'm mostly speaking to Hillary voters here. To some of the quieter #nevertrump, too.

I didn't think Trump was going to win this one. I'd endorsed him at first, then endorsed Cruz, then went back to Trump and finally - as you see here - got burnt out. I did at least register my frustration with the mainstream media, who put themselves on the ballot, and made it impossible for me to support anyone but Trump.

I still maintain that Trump was the right choice. But mostly I maintain he's the best candidate for the people Clinton professed to care most about, who are working Americans. Yes, women too. Yes, racial minorities too. (Not Muslims or Mormons so much, true; but frankly that lot should be rethinking their life choices anyway.)

Although you'll never see this in a mainstream paper, population is - like the Earth's climate - a bathtub. Births and immigration are the water coming in. Deaths and emigration, water draining out. In between, one should like to make something of the liquid in the tub. This is impossible if the immigrants coming in are poor quality, and immense in number; and the emigrants going out, of the best in quality.

Trump has recognised this basic mathematical model, and has outlined his policies accordingly. You never heard gauzy platitudes on Values and Who We Are from that guy. You just heard how he can help Americans.

You also heard from Trump on how he wanted to help black communities, or at least to stop them bleeding out jobs to low-skilled rivals from outside those communities. Many black men (not enough women) listened, and these shifted some votes his way. I wouldn't be surprised if this margin even won him Florida and, of course, the Midwest.

And you heard from Trump about healthcare, how Obama and his 2009-10 Congress has corrupted to the brink of destruction the insurance market. And his proposal to dump it and to legislate something that accords with economic and social reality.

So if you looked at the choices on the ballot, and you thought they were both bad, and you held your nose and went for Hillary: you had reasons why you did that, and I'm sympathetic, as one who bumped along that very road before finally pitching in for the, well, the other guy. But I also want you to understand that Trump's campaign knows, too. And they are not going to give up on you. They never expected to win the black male vote, either, but they still tried.

Over the next four years I hope Trump's policies will work. Because, really, they were intended as your policies.

UPDATE 8/12/2017: no retraction yet, but I'll admit I've been wrong before.

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