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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fake news

Given the hubbub about Fake News, I have reposted my fifteen-year-old essay "Information, knowledge, and the Prophets of HTTP", which was on Earthlink at the time I believe, over to this blog.

I got suckered by at least one "Boston Tribune" story, maybe two, at Ace's HQ, so, yes, fake news is a problem. The stories which the likes of "Boston Tribune" have peddled flatter the egos of the Right and might have spawned some Right votes... but then, it might also have made Right suckers (like me) look silly and discredited. On the other side we had Dezinformatsiya peddled on the Left and, I can assure you, those were not posted to fly-by-night websites.

I didn't have an answer in 2001 anymore than I have in 2016, except to remain vigilant.

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