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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cognitive dissonance

As Well Dot Dot Dot notes: we're seeing cognitive-dissonance, and with a lot to spare.

Scott Adams, who supported Trump, predicts Trump will govern as a centrist and drive the Left batty. Because the Left is, ultimately, a tribe and cannot accept a leader from outside the tribe, much less a leader that does what the tribe wants. See also, both George Bushes, and Nixon; who all did what the Left wanted, and were hated even more.

There are suspicions that the Right's tribe will also suffer dissonance. Rightists were warned all through the primaries about The Donald that they shouldn't expect much, and the more intelligent voices on the dissident-right are repeating that warning. When Trump disappoints them, they'll express their head-explosions in a different way from the Left, theirs. It'll all be the same for the janitor on Brain Detail.

Adams is concentrating on the Left because the Left tribe has been trying to hurt him personally. Still, this doesn't mean we can ignore the Right, when they inevitably make excuses for Trump's Leftism.

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