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Saturday, November 05, 2016


Professor Waled Saleh - whose work I'd monitored earlier - has been raising the profile of the Qur'anic mufassir Biqa'i. Biqa'i, in the late middle ages of Islam, had got himself an Arabic translation of the Bible and wondered if he could use it to elucidate the Qur'an. Think of him as a mediaeval Muslim Abraham Geiger, or Gabriel Said Reynolds.

Dr Saleh has had an interest in Muslims' awareness of "biblical subtext" generally, which is where Biqa'i crops up. Now Saleh's posted an essay on Biqa'i's use of the Bible.

It would be well worth a Western Muslim's time (I include the Maghreb, Lebanon, and Biqa'i's own home Egypt as "Western") to translate Biqa'i into a western Indo-European language.

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