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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Abd al-Razzaq's terrorist act

Terrorism is, I think, best defined as a tactic. It is the use of horrific acts against a civilian population to effect political change in one's favour. Mainstream Islam is all about the political change, which they liken to Martin Luther King. Abd al-Razzaq Artan was helpful enough to give us a list of desiderata, the change he believed in.

Among his demands: to make peace with the revolution/state in Syria (dawla in al-Shâm), to side with the Rohingya non-Burmese people in Burma, and in OSU itself to set up prayer rooms for the Muslims.

ISIS is calling Artan a "soldier", a muqatil. Despite that Artan made no baya' - his leading light was Awlaki, not Baghdadi - he can still be counted among the salihin.

Artan did what he did for Sunni Islam as a whole. Whatever nonsense mainstream Muslims say about nonviolence, it's clear that their game is the same as Martin Luther King's, and violence is still a card on the table that can be played - by some misguided soul, completely unrelated to us, please understand... but.

OSU will probably give Artan exactly what he wanted at home and as much support as they can abroad.

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