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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Concern troll escapee

Joss Whedon is a Leftist stooge, but that doesn't stop him from doing Rightist material where it serves him. (I was going to post this in July 2012, an election-cycle ago, but somehow didn't finish it.) Fortunately for the longevity of his oeuvre, Whedon is also short-sighted.

I found out about Whedon (in earnest) when there started up some buzz about his "Firefly" show. But I knew about the show before that. I first found out about this in early 2004, looking over the local Best Buy in Houston. At the time I just thought - MEH. Here is a box with a bratpack of youngish actors all of whom look far too pretty. And it's a Copperhead show - at the time, I was still pro-Bush, and I (accurately) saw "Firefly" as an attack on Bush's crusades from the Right.

Then I broke down and bought a used copy of the box. To my surprise I loved this show; sort of an Outlaw Josey Wales In Space. And then came the big damn movie in 2005 and it just laid all out for us, what this whole series was about. Here was THE great Burkean space epic: a people united in a common mission under a Captain, not democratically elected, but just the man in charge of the ship. If you wanted a better Captain, the show implied, you got off and found another boat.

However - after 2005 - Whedon screened the movie at "Equality Now" events. I went to one and was given a t-shirt; the "Serenity" logo with the symbols for male and female superimposed. I never did wear it much.

Female agency is one thing. The women on the show get a say in the plot in several episodes and also in the movie. But ultimately... feminism wasn't what the series was about. The women never took command. And that made me think that Whedon never wanted the franchise to do what it did. "Firefly" was only ever meant as a means to weaken Bush's support amongst the thinking caste on the Right. For Whedon, it was a concern-troll. Once its main task was complete, Whedon needed to pivot it to something else. Like "feminism".

But - everything goes somewhere. You can't stop the signal. The message of "Firefly" outlasts administrations. It will long outlast Whedon's stupid treasonous destructive politics.

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