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Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Goodell doesn't care

Theodore Beale this evening (Italian time) whined ineffectually about Goodell the coward. But, still, he won't tolerate commenters who ask the obvious: why are you watching people who don't represent you.

Just now members of the Eagles team have pulled a black-power salute during the Americans' anthem.

This, Mr Beale, is called "calling your bluff". So far you have displayed no willingness to act upon your stated principles. You are quicker to act against your own commenters who do recommend some tangible action, like not paying tribute to these anti-American players and to that commissioner you yourself know is responsible. Like what the considerably less rightist blogger Ace recommends.

As long as pro-white and pro-American and, really, pro-civilisation people continue to send money Goodell's way, Goodell is going to keep doing what he's doing. People like this oppose the anthem itself. They are not going to stop unless they are forced to stop, or until they feel like their demands are met which basically means when we become their slaves. Tangible action, against the NFL and their sponsors, has to start with us.

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