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Friday, September 02, 2016

Well that was annoying

I popped by the Norlin Library just now. Apparently we hoboes fresh off the portapottie aren't allowed to access scholarly journals via the University of Colorado computers anymore. This follows upon their kicking us off the OCR-capable scanner, and their reducing the green public PCs before that. I do pay taxes here, you know.

But something even more annoying happened today: the Great Chronograph turns out to be useless to me. I remarked in a review of Martin Hinds' work that he seemed interested in the 650s and the 750s, but not much in between. The Great Chronograph is like that on meth: it jumps from Emperor Justinian I straight to Constantine V. It doesn't even mention the eruption of Thera in the 720s, which you'd think a collector of "portents" assuredly would.

And there really was potential here. Another Byzantinist, Cyrus Mango, didn't like the Whitbys' conjecture that the GC is an independent work. Warren Treadgold had accepted Mango, at first; but has since returned to Whitby (chapter of Middle Byzantine Historians, pdf). In between, the Whitbys had powerfully argued their point against Mango, it seems with some success. So it would have been nice if the Great Chronographer - or whoever copied its excerpts - had cared.

But since the Great Chronograph entirely skips the entire period which interests me, as in two centuries worth, this is all moot.

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