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Monday, September 19, 2016

The New Life Church is a cat-lady hugbox

When I learnt that Darryl Glenn attends New Life, I got curious. I did a little rummaging around and, I gotta say, as churchmen go, Pastor Boyd strikes me as a pandering faggot. "Let Her Lead"? Let her preach, if she's deemed worthy (by the cat-ladies)? The endorsement from Lisa Bevere (advocate for change whose heart breaks over social injustice) alone is disqualifying.

I can see why Glenn attends this place though. I can also see why he chose Cruz over Trump at first. Man's got daddy issues.

All this means that Glenn, in addition to writing off the secular vote, will have trouble with the redpilled Christian vote. We have social-justice drones a-plenty in the Senate already. And that forces me to re-read Glenn's platform's immigration reform that ... respects the value of family unity. Where would Glenn stand on admitting Muslims as "refugees" here? What would the Holy Spirit (i.e., Boyd) tell him?

I did (eventually) get around to voting for Glenn in the primary, so he remains my candidate and I will continue to speak for him as I meet Colorado voters. But he hasn't, yet, earned my financial support. For that, he could stand to answer a few more questions.

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