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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Maryland Territories

On this "Constitution Day", Vic teaches me that Maryland never signed that Constitution. (Perhaps because it was about to lose territory to the future District of Columbia.) The Constitution was forced upon it, and it's just gone along with that. Central Maryland to this day agitates against the rest of America, using American time and monies to do so. Despite despising us, it justifies DC's rule over us (and its profit thereby) by a constant self-reminder how much more righteous DC is than us.

As a general principle, tax consumers shouldn't be voting on what they get to steal, and this blog has expanded that principle over the States. Ceding the consumers into other, productive states, like DC retrocession, isn't the answer. (Unless America changes its capital.)

In 21 February 2004, I suggested what we should do, so here's the proposal re-proposed...

Central Maryland shall be Greater DC under law, not just de facto as now. The east and west extremities would then be cut off. As such these new territories too small - but so's Delaware, so a shotgun marriage contingent on Delaware remaining a state will handle the east. The west gets a referendum: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Virginia.

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