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Saturday, September 03, 2016

The democratic-republican process at work

Sometime between 1991 to 1995, a young district-attorney by name of Michael Nifong conspired with the Durham police to withhold evidence in a murder trial. The case was actually a murder-rape case, to which Darryl Howard, the defendant, left no DNA for at least the "rape" part. Thus leaving no motive for the "murder" part, either. Now, we know better, and Mr Howard is a free man again.

The article doesn't mention the political party to which Nifong adhered. But before North Carolinan Republicans could get their usual "dems r real racits" groove on, one Randy Smith had left this comment:

If political affiliations were that important then why didn't NC's Republican Governor order this mans release or give him a pardon years ago when it was obvious that this was a miscarriage of justice?

It so happens that in North Carolina, as long as a convicted felon is behind bars, he cannot vote. Howard is a black man who, as of 1995, has reason to distrust white people in positions of authority - and the incumbents in NC, in particular. NC is swing-state enough that it voted Obama in 2008.

Since we're on topic of motive: no Republican in North Carolina has the motive to look too closely as to which of that state's Democrat-leaning inmates is, or is not, a felon.

Yay, elections.

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