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Friday, September 09, 2016

So much for Pons-Brooks

The astro wikipedians have upgraded my article (to B Class). I've put in enough footnotes that whatever "original research" I had done for Pons-Brooks, it was foreshadowed to the extent any other moron would have to end up with the same results. B's about as high as my "editor" Geogene felt authorised to go; he's been fair throughout this process, so I have no problem with this.

Now the bad news: what I wanted out of this comet was an appearance in the late seventh century AD, to put a control on the early-mediaeval annals (Papist, Irish, Syriac, and Asian). I've learnt that Daniel Kirkwood, of Kirkwood Gap fame, traced this comet back to a meeting with Neptune in 991 AD. Of course nobody saw this from Earth; it's projected from an orbit based on the 1884 and 1812 perihelia, along with 1313 (since vindicated). 991 AD could well be the year this comet was captured. If you're going to argue with Kirkwood you'd best bring your A game. Since I am a B class amateur, at best, I can claim no control on wherever this comet was as of the 600s AD.

I still think it was worth looking into. Researchers of other civilisations with their own annalistic traditions can use the post-1000 approaches.

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