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Saturday, September 10, 2016

September madness!

On the wretched NFL, I got mores to says.

Seahawks, like a cowardly team on the third yard on fourth down, are punting: they'll lock arms in solidarity with each other. No respect but "no disrespect" either. Also, let's add the Dolphins to the roster of teams tolerating this nonsense.

I don't worry that the NFL players hate America. There are going to be bad apples in any organisation. The black players there - since all this comes out of BLM - are probably more conservative than most American blacks. I'm not even picking on them so much, certainly not as a group.

I am concerned with the NFL franchise owners, and with Roger Goodell, for coddling those bad applies. It's the NFL that takes the money and it's the NFL I want to punish. As for the players, they should look deeply into their hearts and decide what side they're on.

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