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Monday, September 05, 2016

RIP, Phyllis Schlafly

She Past Away, as the Turks say. I never met her and she certainly didn't ever read this blog. But for anyone living here, she never was far from view.

Shlafly's core was to formalise the 1950s-era American culture into law. Among her crusades - the only one this blog had noted - was the canonisation of the Ten Commandments and of (Christian) prayer. As you see around you, she didn't win every battle. Lately she'd been clutching at straws, to preserve anything of the America she loved as a child of the 1930s - straws like Donald J Trump.

Sometimes I didn't agree with her, as you see. Sometimes we did agree. Sometimes what she said has grown on me (as in the case of Trump). But where the Respectable Right merely stood athwart history bellowing stop, this woman actually worked to stop it - and that she did, starting with the "Equal" Rights Amendment. The American nation would have been much worse much faster were it not for her work.

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