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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mike Pence needs a dictionary

I am a Trump supporter, at least since Cruz's implosion; I even paid for the hat. (This isn't much of a disclosure by now.) When I hear comments against the Republicans this year, it's generally against Trump. I was surprised yesterday to hear a Trump supporter - a contractor working the rich neighbourhood I was canvassing - complain about his running mate, Michael Pence. Pence was an "ideologue" where Trump was a "pragmatist".

I'd thought it was the other way 'round.

So today the HuffPo tells us Mike Pence doesn't want to be called the VICE Presidential candidate. Why? because there is VICE in it. This sounds like jokes I made about "vice" deputies for this or that when I was in high-school and early in college. Even then I'm not sure those jokes were all that funny; they were definitely immature. I had no idea anyone in late middle age after a long political career could take this seriously.

Pence is telling the Internet and the media how he can be trolled. John Ashcroft as Attorney General had to put up with trolls in the media angling their cameras for hurr durr boobies, to the extent he burqa'ed them.

Pence needs to get over himself and learn a thing or two from his running mate.

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