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Saturday, September 10, 2016


Vox Day is on a mission to tell the "Judaeo-Christians" to take a back seat. Some Jews agree with him.

Which is not to say I agree with the Jews to whom Vox links. I'd argue that Jews who argue that the couples of Sodom and Gomorrah are equal to Adam and Eve are also abusing Judaism. Their further demand that the secular State enforce upon the nations the banning of free-association is outright hypocritical - not to mention selfdestructive: such a Jew cannot anymore police who uses his establishments. (And to the Forward: good luck refuting Christian Dominionism when you support social-justice Dominionism.) Anyway I've said before that the non-Orthodox Judaisms have been overthrown by Jews' internal enemies. I have found nowhere in Jewish texts to instruct the Jew to promote homosexuality or, further, to inscribe such immorality into Gentile law.

But back to Judaeo-Christianity. I admit I fell into this error early on. (In fairness, for mixed-ethnic children like I was, this is difficult to avoid.) I wasted far too much of my youth trying to square this circle, usually in the middle of the night trying to sleep. For other Westerners, I suspect Protestantism. This started as a drive to out-Christian the Pope; which can only be done through another Prophet or else through another reading of the base texts. When one goes back to Jewish texts one ends up rebooting Judaism: like the Samaritans, like the Karaites.

The present generation of Jews deserve a reboot. They also deserve gentiles' interference, to the extent they've arrogated to themselves the right to interfere in gentile life. The reason Christians shouldn't give to these heretics what they deserve is that such an act would (further) corrupt Christianity.

UPDATE 11/5/17: An actual argument as to why Judaeo-Christianity is an impossibility.

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