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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hey, a listicle that taught me some stuff

Yahoo sent me to Listverse, where Paul Jongko has his article "10 Recent Discoveries That Shed New Light On Ancient Civilizations". Usually I think listsicles suck. But this one actually taught me some stuff.

I mean, not (#2) that Carthage sacrificed little children. Everyone knew that, excepting perhaps Orientalism readers. #9 on warfare among the Minoans, also, seems obvious; one doesn't get far in trade without - first - securing one's own position in one's one island and - next - hunting pirates. I'm unsure what to do with the Garamantes (#4); I think they were tamazight speakers, but we've not even scratched the surface.

Here's what strikes me immediately. (We'll get to #6 right afterward.)

#5. Women were the brewsters of the Wari. Women had also been the brewsters of Sumer, as Vicki Leon taught me, and the surname "Brewster" in English suggests they were at least equals to the male brewers there. I do wonder why it's women who first drifted into this field the world over, independently. Perhaps because women are more social during downtime, so better at tending a communal space.

#8. The Minoans were European. That is very interesting because it re-raises what language Linear A was for. Cyrus Gordon long ago successfully deciphered the mathematical vocabulary as West Semitic - KU-RO (=Myc. tosos, total) seems to be Semitic kl, "all of it". But this stuff is exactly the sort of stuff which gets borrowed. So I've never thought it useful for the base language.

So I'm glad Mr Jongko took the trouble.

UPDATE 10/21/2018: Belatedly, I've found Wilson and Fentress were scratching that surface.

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