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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Don't watch the NFL

Ace suggests a way to save some cash and some time per week. This year I've been looking for an excuse to that end. Even more so, I was looking for a way out of sending money to the Buffalo Wild Wings chain.

The passive-aggressive Roger Goodell campaign on behalf of Black Thugs, Attaboy! has now spread to the Denver Broncos; they too are "allowing" players to do the protest on their fans' time.

It's not about the anthem, much less the Pledge (disclosure: I've always opposed the Bellamy Pledge) or the other patriotic rituals. For the players involved, it's why they do it: they're doing it because they are full of black asabiya at the expense of everyone else, especially of whites. I happen to be white (asterisk). As for the team owners all the way up to Goodell, they despise us, in their upper-class twit way, and want us broken. So does the BWW chain. Do I want to await with bated breath which other players and franchises and corporations hate and/or despise me too?

I got better things to do on my weekends. Screw those overpaid meatheads in particular.

UPDATE 7:35 PM: Had a day to think things over. Clarified this and offered additional clarification above.

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