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Monday, September 19, 2016

Darryl Glenn: pre-mortem?

I don't want to deal with Trump much here from now on, because I figure I got him pegged (and yes, I still support him). Also his polls are looking good, not to jinx him. So let's move on to the next-most-important race, that for Senate.

Start with the disclosures: I despise our current Senator, one Michael Bennet. If anything I dislike him more than I disliked creepy Mark Udall. I think that in 2010 Bennet slandered his opponent, the manifestly better-qualified Ken Buck, to get where he is today. Bennet's margin then was slim and his seat as late as last spring was considered vulnerable. Now we have a candidate who took over 70% of the state assembly, and who then won the primary, in El Paso County commissioner Darryl Glenn... and he's not winning.

Early last month the Denver Post asked if the Republicans are writing Glenn off. So far the answer has to be "yes, they are". Coloradoans hear many Bennet ads on their radio; we hear few Glenn ads. So I gather that the money is still not here.

The Post offers some background. The Majority Leader of the Senate, Republican Mitch McConnell, had - through his "National Republican Senatorial Committee" - supported an opponent. When that opponent lost, McConnell and the NRSC snubbed the winner. In July the NRSC and Glenn sort-of patched things up. But that cost Glenn time and drama. And, to this day, it is difficult to argue that the NRSC has done its part.

For the part of the NRSC, it might be that Glenn, coming from a Cruz supporting assembly and endorsed by Cruz himself in June, is considered uncontrollable by McConnell. What the NRSC've been doing smells to me like a "nice doggie" tactic, meant to keep Glenn from making any gaffes here that might hurt other candidates mainly elsewhere.

As for the donors, the big one AWOL from this fight has been the infamous Koch siblings. There I think the issue is that the Kochs are libertarians more than conservatives, and Glenn is running (still) as a "Christian Constitutional Conservative" (lots of C's...). Glenn belongs to Brady Boyd's New Life church. I question how Christian that place even is, but more on that later. I do know that the mere word "Christianity!" hurts candidates up and down the 36: many Asians, Jews, and aspergery agnostic techies live here, and such people distrust Christians.

I also hear on the street that Bennet has been good for Colorado - which I dispute, given Bennet's support for the "Affordable" Care Act and for that Iran deal. This much must be the fruit of the Democrats' ad-blitz.

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