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Thursday, September 22, 2016

And in the folders bind them

In light of Skittlegate, which the media claims to care about, I'm taken back to 2012 when Romney made his "gaffe" about Binders Full Of Women. Romney's intent was clear but it's not like any pack of animals cares.

There did exist some feminists out there who saw Romney's stammering comment as objectification but that slander was easy to dismiss. Others claimed this was Romney being a tokenist, with a little more support, but not many took that serious-like either.

The real problem, deep down, is that Romney's claim was defensive and poorly worded. It looked like Romney had gotten flustered. Those who weren't going to vote for Republicans anyway that year seized upon this, because they figured they could rattle him some more. They brought with them the sort of hominid who loves to join in on a good gang-bang.

I went to high school too. I know how this game is played.

As for Trump (Junior)'s comment here, meh. I don't think the ginned-up narrative is going to work so well at forcing "lulz" this time. It'll just reinforce the underlying imagery, of a box of Whatevers among which some may be toxic. Which image Sadiq Khan has reinforced, that we just have to accept terrorism once we allow Muslims among us.

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