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Sunday, August 21, 2016

V's whiff of sulphur

Season Two tells us what the Red Sky is for. Anna's "gift" is laden with phosphates, I suspect mostly iron like lithiophilite. The story is that, like Tibet with nonDenisovans, Vs cannot breed in a low-phosphorus environment. Earth is low-phosphorus (now) so, needs more.

Various characters call Red Sky "a form of phosphorus not found on Earth", and certainly aliens aren't going to schlep all this crap over here in mineral form. So I'm gathering that Red Sky is (1) a brew of artificial chemicals (which is damn obvious) but more to the point (2) containing isotopes and other trace elements in disproportion to Earth's phosphorus. 33P would be my first guess; you can check for those proportions by the amount of 33S, which is rare here yet stable.

The immediate impact of the phosphate rain is to spur plant growth, and this - claims Anna - will reduce global warming. I'm skeptical given that the red rain will also lower the albedoes of the deserts and ice-caps. But hey, that's what Anna does. She lies.

One more thing: the Vs didn't bother mining phosphorus from our own fine asteroids and comets. It would appear they are in a hurry. It also would appear that the V homeworld ain't far. Second episode tells us it was the atomic-bomb tests that alerted the local star-systems to habitation here. A Visitor died on Earth in 1950ish; they've been infiltrating since 2000ish.

I'm still unsure what the Vs want. Looks like a new homeworld. That's certainly a much better motive than the bullshit the 1980s series served up, which was Earth's water (again, how have they not sampled our wide variety of comets?).

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