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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Spicy V-8

For V-5 to -7, there's not much Cerebral going on. We do learn what the R-6 injections are for. Some tropes from the 1980s miniseries reappear: humans and Visitors can crossbreed, and Michael Ironside is here played by an annoying British guy. There's also a general theme about honesty and how lies end up catching up with one.

The eighth episode returns to form. An African potentate is Secretary-General of the UN and he seems, on the surface, to be venal and short-sighted. But he does make one important point. If aliens come to earth with "gifts" for the people, those gifts are a wrecking-ball to local economies. Africans know this only too well; and the writers as of 2010 knew it too, as witness this article from 2009. The MacGuffin in this particular episode is Blue Energy, a nod to what the Left wishes Green Energy to be. (One nitpick: seems poor storytelling, in alternate-2010, to have the Sunni Arab delegate applaud the premeditated murder of his own nation's economy.)

PS. from the Couldn't Do This Today file: *kiss kiss* "are you okay with this?" - "no" *kiss kiss*

PPS. Why risk one's life, and one's soul, for the Visitors? Despair was one man's motive: "because we can't win."

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