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Monday, August 08, 2016

No Man's Sky is out

... for PS4, anyway. Next milestone: will open up gamer streaming at 8 PM MST. So Sony won't be taking down channels anymore... like this one.

Via Eurogamer, here's obidanshinobi's review (of the unpatched version). Unfortunately I cannot see how to link directly to it, so I have to copypaste the whole thing:

My copy arrived in the post Saturday morning, played about 10 hours so far.
This game is going to be hugely divisive, the reviews will be interesting.
Had fun during the first 5 odd hours but then it starts to become boring and repetitive. The gameplay loop is get resources for warp cells, jump to next system, repeat, that's it. There is little point in doing anything else.

Trading, what trading ? There is no space trucking in this game, your inventory slots are too few and there is no point in jumping to a system that isn't on the path to the centre. Warp cells are too precious to go anywhere else other than forward. Selling excess elements and the odd relic you've found at space stations and outposts is the extent of trading.

Combat, the space combat is pretty bad, your ship controls like it's drunk, it's not fun it's just an annoyance. And when hostiles "jump in" you can't just escape if you want, either you have to kill them or they will kill you. In Elite Dangerous I'm 19% deadly combat rank so I've done plenty of space combat (in ED) and the space combat in NMS is poor, enemy ships are just sporadic any way, they've only appeared when I've had a nice amount of gold in my ship inventory , it's not like you can go out bounty hunting. You don't find space combat, space combat finds you, and you wish it didn't.

Upgrades, pretty much all upgrades I tried made my things worse. Was so excited when I got a disruptor shield upgrade (for your ship), crafted it, needed 7 free inventory slots mind, and then the bloody thing actually made my ship weaker. After bumping into a few asteroids and noticing that I took about twice as much damage as before I quickly scrapped it.
Let's talk the inventory shall we ? It's a load of piss!!. Thank god the patch lets you carry more elements (will now be up to 500 in your ship inventory and 250 in your suit) but you're going to want more inventory slots. And the problem is that upgrades to your ship and suit take up precious inventory slots, it's just poor design. They should of used a weight system for the inventory like in Witcher 3, Fallout, Skyrim etc.

At the end of the day once you've spent 5 - 10 minutes on a planet you've seen all it has to offer in terrain, wildlife, plant life etc. You could go walking for miles but you can't just recall your ship to you, it stays where it lands. You might be lucky and stumble across an operational outpost or a beacon type thing so you can call your ship, so you're not going to want to wander too far from your ship. I've only been on two planets with grass, one was red grass the other blue, from about 25 odd planets I've visited. You will mostly be looking at ugly ground textures when walking about. The plant life looks good, animals start to look familiar though.

The patch will address a lot of bugs, in which they're are loads but it won't add fun, a sense of purpose and an enjoyable goal / reward system. I will keep playing it for a bit, going to delete my save and start again with the day one patch. I won't waste money this time buying a new multi-tool, no noticeable upgrade, and a new ship, again wtf ! the ship I bought off an NPC handled exactly the same as my previous ship. The only difference was in the cockpit design. Complete waste of money.

I was hoping this would be my GOTY but it will be traded in for Deus EX at the end of the month. Will be interesting to see how it reviews. This may not be the space game you are looking for.

6/10, could maybe rise to a 7 with the patch.

One "daymeeuhn" had reviewed a copy earlier. But I suspected his copy was a leaked demo on account that it mentioned a June release date. As we all know, back in May this release date had got postponed (to today). Since then the game went gold and trickled out to retailers - last month. So, daymeeuhn's review should really be viewed as a crowd-sourced alpha report. For which privilege he paid $1300. (There's a daymeeuhn born every minute...) It seems we won't have him to kick around anymore, which actually saddens me a bit. I do think he meant well. And maybe his sacrifice actually helped the Day One Patch.

As for what went into the devs' Day One Patch, the developers have told us. As for why the why, Rami Ismail devsplains the principle: an arcane ritual from the days before broadband.

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