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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nate Parker is scum

Nate Parker as an undergrad took advantage of an emotionally-unstable woman, who was also drunk, with the help of a friend. He got charged for rape. He was acquitted (he had to be, legally); the woman whom he tag-teamed later committed suicide.

Now Parker's starring in a movie about Nat Turner, who attempted in the American South what the Haitian revolutionaries had recently enacted in Saint-Domingue. That is: lots of slaughter with some (more) rapes thrown in. Since the announcement of this movie, the sordid past of its star has come out. Parker is now blathering to Ebony magazine about "male privilege", "rape culture", and "toxic masculinity".

No, Parker; what you did wasn't because We Have A Long Way To Go. You did it because you saw your opportunity and you took it. America isn't the scumbag; you are. I'm using the present tense for good reason: you still haven't taken full responsibility.

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