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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Max Reed has learnt nothing

Max Reed, one of many of Gawker's ex-writers, has penned an autopsy. This is of interest to me because I am an off-again-on-again gamer (as you know) and a coder besides; computers have been my life since I was eight years of age. Gawker - through Kotaku and Gizmodo - was involved with the very start of #gamergate when its journalists got into literal bed with "Zoe Quinn" von Valkenburg. Vox Day has rebutted Reed already, but I have mine own problems with this piece so that's worth a blog-post of mine own.

Reed makes clear that he had and has no empathy for gamers. Gawker's outlets infamously proposed "jokingly" that they - we - should have got bullied more in school. We figured we'd been bullied enough by the cool kids, that we'd heard "can't you take a joke" one too many times. We weren't going to take it anymore. (And, no; not all of us are too young to remember Twisted Sister, or at least to find them on Youtube.) Gawker's people (through Reed) mooting that "we didn't understand sex" was (and is) just one more sneer from the bully.

We also, as Vox points out, weren't impressed with the argument that just because von Valkenburg didn't sleep with the exact person delivering reviews of her "game", that meant hey, no corruption here at the Gawker family. Those African warlords whom the Clintons supported didn't donate to the Clintons directly, either. The warlords simply helped out those businessmen who did donate to the Clintons.

As for "harassment" of the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, most of that was people refuting Sarkeesian's lies to her face - you know, like adults are supposed to do. Sarkeesian, being a liar, deliberately conflated the reasoned rebuttals with whatever threats she did get (some from Twilight fans, implying that Sarkeesian's meat-puppets faked them). Since we gamers were being told we deserve to be bullied, this claim that we were being bullies ourselves was a very low blow.

If Reed can miss this much to this day, he never should have got into journalism in the first place. If this latest article is an attempt to clear his name, it has failed.

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