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Sunday, August 28, 2016


There was a science-fiction award ceremony somewhere this year, delivering "Hugos" - or not. The usual three factions presented their Slates That Are Totes Not Slates. One was the old clique, now out of the shadows, aligned with the thoroughly corrupt Science Fiction Writers of America. Another was the "Rabid Puppy" clique, run as usual by Theodore "Vox Day" Beale in troll-mode whose aim is to lance the boil. The third is Sad Puppies, who were the only people there to support science fiction for its own sake; this was run by women this year, most notably Kate Paulk.

The old clique won decidedly - on the face of it; the Sad Puppies lost hard. Last year the clique couldn't even claim to have won; the excellent (read, Sad-Puppy) book Three Body Problem won. This time despite the clique's victory the way they won was to serve Beale's interests. They assert to the world that the purpose of SF is to repair the world and that intrinsic quality doesn't matter. I mean: no-Awarding Jerry Pournelle? Really?

I further think Christopher Taylor is right: future authors will ignore the WorldCon (and the SFWA). Larry Correia who founded the Sad Puppies - and sells many books - says he sat this year out, and I believe him.

In other news, Gardner Dozois avoided any mention of last year's Hugo controversy in the introduction to his SF shortstory collection for this year. This stuff might have been arguable in previous years but by 2015 - whatever you think of the results - the event was newsworthy. At this point I have to consider Dozois a coward.

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