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Friday, August 19, 2016

End of season one

Reporters who hang around the throne, like Decker, will sell anything they have to Gain Access. Even their integrity.

Moving on to screenwriting critique, yeah, the story was clumsy this year. There were a lot of scenes rushing to put out one crisis or another. The second Terminator season had the same problem. Also the scenes (beyond the pilot episode) tended not to blend thematically with adjacent scenes. For instance a more adept screenwriter - like the people currently fixing George Martin's story, or like Joss Whedon - would have juxtaposed Decker's scenes with those of the mercenary. I also must register annoyance at Anna's sudden grief for her soldier-children given that the script did not even hint at this prior to now (we needed a scene where someone catches her admiring her hatchlings). I suspect that the producers realised the first season had problems because the second season's blurb promises darker, funnier, faster.

I am unsure why the queen has reddened the sky. I mean, I get the allusions: to John's Revelation, and to Red Dawn. What I don't understand is what the Vs get out of it strategically - why did they set this up? The Vs seem not to understand the queen's decision either, given that they try to stop her. [UPDATE 8/21 - keep watching.]

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