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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Cucked Carlisle

The city of Carlisle is beautiful, and there's lots of archaeology and geology within an easy drive. I do recommend the visit. Still, I didn't need to see the "yay diversity" sign up on the citadel - and some websearching pulls up that diversity signalling's a thing up there. (Swahili? Really?)

At the Tullie museum, where they had a big exhibit on how bad walls are, because apartheid and Israel, I'm afraid I broke down a bit. Mine's the one in green:

I'd say I was ashamed, but I'd be lying. Because this is the stuff Diversity has brought to the statue at the top of nearby Brampton's motte:

That vandalism was NOT my work. That one was someone else's. Perhaps his first language was Swahili.

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