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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to V

Imagine my joy when, last weekend, I saw that the used bookstore had the two seasons of the 2009-11 V remake on their shelf. Over the last few days I've rewatched the four November 2009 episodes which rebooted the franchise (more accurately, that booted up this re-franchise), and I've started into the episodes I'd missed.

At the time, when I was still in Houston, I'd abandoned those later (March) episodes for the last season of Lost ... at the Alamo Drafthouse. Since I didn't have a television-capable cellphone that didn't give me enough time to see 'em both. I'd also figured V wasn't as interesting as the last season of Lost, just one of several mistakes I was making back in Houston.

Back in that November, I'd treated the series as a capital-E Event. Straight off I could see it was politically-charged; it would be labeled "Cerebral" if it were not so anti-Left. But I didn't have the benefit of remembering the original series (which was anti-Reagan). So I wrote essays on each episode's political implications but not as a redaction-critic.

V-1, V-2, V-3, V-4. Then the Postmortem.

In 2013 I tracked down the original (first) miniseries, so: review; On Cerebrality. (Later I found the second miniseries, but this was just a resistance epic with Ironside so, not "Cerebral".)

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