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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Waskow's coup

I'd crafted my Light To The Nations theory on Judaism in 2006. To say the least, this theory is not widely shared.

In 2010 when, I guess, I was first venturing into the Dissident part of the Right I started worrying about tikkun olam. In 2015ish I read the bulk of Kevin MacDonald's work of sociology, The Culture of Critique. Its thesis is that Judaism in the West acts like a subversive cult. For MacDonald, the bailey of Judaism seems like a harmless if eccentric religion; the motte is hardcore Communism.

I am not here to argue with MacDonald. I intend instead to discuss to what degree the Jewish mainstream agrees with MacDonald. I believe we can even detect, here, why it does, and how it got here. As a test case, I bring you a selection of material that the University of Colorado has posted on its library, at least since I first visited it in 2010.

I want to point out here that this post has not been easy to write, nor to post. I have a family history here as you know. I couldn't bring myself even to take these pictures until 3 April this year. But now it's July and I'm done holding my pen.

First, Leah Novick:

This presentation links Novick with Orthodox(!) Judaism first, with various progressive causes second. One of those causes was to disarm the United States during the 1970s, the worst years of the Cold War. Another was Planned Parenthood, founded by Margaret Sanger as a eugenic movement for the rest of us. Novick's grandfather was her primary tutor in Judaism; it is not noted here what he would have thought of what Leah had made of it. Later, as you can see, Novick ventured close to Ashura worship - but somehow managed not to be kicked out of the synagogue. She actually became a rabbi herself.

Now, Arthur Waskow:

According to this Waskow had mounted a coup to take over the local Jewish institutions in the name of Martin Luther King Jr - this was the 1968 "social democrat" King, at that, not the "I have a dream" King of a decade prior. Waskow remains, at least as of a decade ago, one of Judaism's top fifty rabbis in the United States. This is like being a high-level bishop or archbishop in the Church. Waskow is not a climatologist but that hasn't stopped him from combatting "climate change". And again, the "LGBTQ inclusion" part should - especially nowadays - exclude him from Jewish orthodoxy entirely.

This brings us neatly to the modern era - #occupy and more climate:

The project is explicitly to "reshape" American Judaism. Homosexual propaganda is to become part of Judaism's central rite of memory, the Seder:

And here is Waskow's Judaism today:

Waskow's cult has taken over this university's space to spread a simple message. It is that his sect is the fulfillment of Judaism, in a way Jesus before him was not. The intent is to browbeat gentile opponents of Waskow's social-justice idealisms into silence, on pain of being labeled antisemites. It also intimidates Jews, and those of Jewish ancestry: if they speak out, they are "giving ammunition" to the enemies of Justice as a whole and implicitly are not good for the Jews, either.

I repeat, Waskow's vision is not the Judaism of the Bible. It is not to be found among the Judaisms of Ethiopia, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, nor even Spain and Holland. This is a tendency mostly specific to us, the (mixed-race) Ashkenaz. And even with us this was never taught in the shul, at least not until the nineteenth century of the Christians' calendar.

What has happened here in the United States was a hostile takeover. I take some heart in that Waskow has not yet entirely won, or else there would be no need to broadcast this divisive message to the universities.

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