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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The reviews are in

[7/9/2016] For those, like me, who don't want to pay for reviews - in my case, because I critique books for free - here is a roundup of reviews of Ostler's Passwords to Paradise on the inner tubes.

WSJ offers a substantive critique. This is so far the best review.

Sandra Collins calls it dry; this is more for the linguistic historian or the textual specialist than the general religion reader. She's right, but... if the book's not for her, why's she even trying to review it?

Kirkus offers a blurb. I gotta say, I don't trust its business-model. Last I looked, people paid Kirkus to review books. Those people paying for the review might be involved in publishing that very book. (10/24/2017: Update on that.) And it looks suspiciously like this is what has happened to Passwords; Kirkus's "review" here smells rotten to me. Also unsure about Publisher's Weekly; if Ostler was self-published would they be so kind? Would they review it at all?

So there's three (or four), a broad spectrum of review-types. Good, bad, and ugly.

7/10 8:30 AM BUMPED: The boulder terlit review. Most of it anyway. Scroll down for the rest of one paragraph.

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