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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The many ways Rafael Cruz Junior messed up

I had endorsed Ted Cruz, and voted (mostly) accordingly at the state assemblies. But I never closed the door on Trump. The delegates for whom I voted would, if their Cruz votes didn't carry the day, switch to Trump or at least to a decent conservative alternative if it came to that. I did not want to send a collection of whiners who would just walk out. I doubt most Iowan Republicans did, either.

The delegates whom Cruz picked to represent him in Colorado included some of the worst scum in American politics, like that NAGR guy. I wasn't enamoured of the anti-Trump Senate candidates here, either (eventually we got Darryl Glenn, who - like me - didn't close the door). Now that I think of it, Cruz's campaign in Iowa did that weird stalkermail thing, and also insinuated that Carson was about to step out of the race. The Coloradans and Iowans at the convention were elected by shady means.

Cruz later refused to stand up for Trump supporters' right to assemble, but I accepted that as a mulligan given that Trump had done the same over that Garland mess. If Trump had been stronger for free speech earlier I would never have voted Cruz in the assemblies.

Last night Cruz made the convention all about him, which even his erstwhile "campaign chair" cannot abide. As far as I am concerned, Cruz is done. I've spoken too much on this topic already, so I'll leave to others to discuss why Cruz ran the sort of campaign he ran, and what the hell he thought he was out to accomplish. Personally I just don't care.

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