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Monday, July 18, 2016

The critic as HR director

The Left's replacement for Ghostbusters is out. Based on Milo's review - he called it a work of "spite" - I am unlikely to enjoy it. Its boxoffice suggests not many other people enjoyed it, either.

As with Wall-E and Fahrenheit 9-11, and Avatar, the critics flocked to recommend this one for the rest of us. I got a "webcomics worth wreading" vibe from those reviews, that the reviewer deep-down knew the piece was not up to snuff, but figured it was socially important. They recommend such movies for other people, namely for people the critic doesn't like. I cannot accept these thoroughly corrupted souls even as critics as such. They are the heroes of Dead Poets Society now turned villain. They are off-duty diversity-officers.

So can we get a round of applause for the modern West's professional guild of critics? After all you certainly don't want to be seen not applauding.

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