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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek sucks

I didn't watch the social-justice reboot for Star Trek, either. Even Takei - who is not on the right side - has spoken up to "out" Sulu, for what Sulu was meant to be. [UPDATE 10/1/2017: Okay, Takei was wrong.]

A reboot of the series is coming. That's going to be partisan too. Once more the mere existence of people like me who don't approve of entropy is "disturbing" to Leftists, so here comes more Eat Your Vegetibbles messaging.

I know, I know; from the get-go the Star Trek franchise was preachy - the jargon is, "cerebral". But the sermons aren't what we remember from those screenings. We remember "Balance of Terror" for the submarine cat-and-mouse; we remember "Doomsday Machine" for the doomed captain's obsession. If we're to be force-fed #lovewins and #blacklivesmatter and #nooneisillegal, we're under no obligation to watch any of it.

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