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Monday, July 18, 2016

More space-exploration in development

I'm still looking into space-exploration games. Here are some more I've found.

The Long Journey Home. Looks much like Star Control 2 in its two-dimensional aesthetic and its exploration mechanic. People have also cited FTL (which I haven't played).

Star Shift. 'Tis unfortunately named, because there exists a tranny based cartoon with the same title. Seems to be developed by Italians, so they may need some help with English dialogue.

Rodina. This comes to us from a Bethesda dev on his own time - like Covert's character in Grandma's Boy. All the action takes place in one solar-system so, no hyperspace here. The game is sort-of finished already, and claims to be the first game to bring your avatar down from space to the surface of a digitally-rendered planet. But the developer is still tinkering: he wants to add indoor structures like caves and fortresses. Because he has been concentrating on gameplay, he hasn't done much with the graphics. Maybe if the game takes off, a bigger studio will drop in, buy the game off him, improve the graphics... and then, in sha llah, NOT make poo upon the story like EA did upon Bioware's Mass Effect. In the meantime I look forward to seeing what Elliptic makes of the game as it is.

Pulsar: Lost Colony. This is another one I found from the same clickbait page that sent me to Rodina. This one is Star Trek like, in that you command a crew of five. Multiplayer is supposed to be A Thing here.

Limit Theory. I think. I'm not sure it counts. From poking through the forum, I gather the developer is coding an engine and leaving any actual "game" to mods. Which is fine; we do need game engines too.

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