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Saturday, June 04, 2016

(((Virtue signalling)))

I am aware of that antisemitic practice of (((belling the cat))); I have been so aware for some time now. I don't much care for it. But I also note that a crowd of Left journalists who happen to be Jewish are rallying as Jews, claiming a protected status against Online Hate. "Quit trolling us!" they squeal. "When we say Check Your Privilege we don't mean us!"

On the one side we got a bunch of trolls on the furthest fringe of the Internet, barely one step away from an 8chan imageboard, or from a Dakota Territory meth-shack. On the other side we got, well, the United States deep-state. If the trolls win, some journalists get upset and maybe also receive some nasty phone calls. If the SPLC wins, people get fired and/or arrested.

So I don't take sides. And I see some people on Twitter (((encapsulating their own names))) even where I'm pretty sure they're not even Jewish. Looks to me like they are signaling Solidarity Against Hate.

If there's anything I'm finding even less amusing than antisemitic trolls these days, it's virtue-signalling twats. Which is pretty much literally what ((())) looks like anyway.

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