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Friday, June 24, 2016

Upload #140 - poetry in motion

(Or is it "upload #138-b-2"? But that would be silly.)

I've been citing Rudolf Geyer as tr. "The Strophic Structure of the Koran" since the mid 2000s and, as you see, I'm not done with it. It happens that Geyer's essay had a structure of its own, if you will. His project shadows closely another work, by one David Heinrich Müller; Geyer really meant his work as Müller's supplement. Mainly Geyer was proving that, pace Müller, 20: exegetes like Zamakhshari had mentioned... the fact that certain suras are built for a specific strophe-system. Even if this mention was only implicit, by means of the "ruku"-sign. So anyway that explains why Geyer didn't look at other suras manifestly strophic, like sura 37 (so I had to do it): because Müller hadn't done it first. It has become clear that I needed to read Müller's book for myself.

Today I went looking for Müller, and found him. I have transcribed most of Google's badly-rendered PDF to German, and translated some of that German into English... locally, for now.

I admit that in places, Müller's original take wasn't helpful. If you're going to study sura 51 then you're forgiven if you just read Geyer. So all I've done with "Provision from God" is expand the reference.

But in other places I'm kicking myself I hadn't found Müller earlier. He did a lot more with sura 69, so that's "Blasting the Caliph" overhauled... again. Also the two German scholars' treatment of sura 44 is the mirror image to their sura 51: Geyer's paragraph is wholly useless and Müller is he who gives us that sura's structure. That's "Smoke".


APPENDIX: On Müller and Geyer, Devin Stewart shared some thoughts in November 2013.

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