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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Upload #139 - something Allah won't like

Finished reading that Noeldeke article. What a chore that was! And the ending part with all those loanwords, Arthur Jeffery and others have rendered wholly obsolete. But hey. At least I've learnt a thing or two from the first part.

Noeldeke has spawned some more footnotes for "Islamic Ethics", "Provision is from God", and "Against Jihad". Can't have people think I've been taking credit for another's work; either that or I'm just so insecure that I'll footnote any darn thing.

Here's the good news: I think I can draw sura 40 (further) into the Chain. Namely it's not just 39 > 40, it's 39 > 16 > 9 > 61 > 40. I've known about the 40 / 61 parallels for a long time but, thanks to Noeldeke, I can claim a direction.


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