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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Upload #138c - clothing bones with flesh

Tomorrow is AC day, but luckily today I don't need it. Hooray for variable Middle American weather...

I've been going through Theodor Noeldeke's "On the Language of the Koran", in Which Koran? - which I've long noted is not the best of the Ibn Warraq collections. Here Ibn Warraq had translated an earlier translation (to French), which although still valuable does leave one wondering about some of the translation-decisions. I'd looked at this long hadith in 2012 but couldn't find anything there of use at the time.

Today... matters are better. (Maybe I'm just smarter?) So I have uploaded new links 22+32 > 23 for "Ararat Tax", 22+39 > 35 for "Islamic Ethics", and 22 > 40 for "Reformer from Pharaoh's Family". (And 30 > 39 for "Interceding with God" but, meh.) "Blasting the Caliph" has a 69 > 52 in the footnote, referring to the Syriacism kâhin for priest; Noeldeke offers still more for the former sura, and when I was cross-checking that with Arthur Jeffery's big book of loanwords I ran across kursi for throne which "Solomon's Revenge" can use.

I still want to untangle 23, 39, and 40 from the great rope of sura. I didn't get that today. But, on the bright side, I hadn't known about these sequences above, either - now, I do. They have all been implicit in the threads I've been weaving, and it's nice to make them explicit.


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