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Monday, June 20, 2016

Upload #138b - rhyme and reason

Air-conditioning here is to get fixed Thursday. Today it has been relatively cool - in the 80s, up here in this study. But I expect the next few nights to be hellish. So this is the last chance I'll have to do any work up here for awhile. Fortunately - I'm done with the last weekend's notes.

It was Rudolf Geyer's turn at the wheel so, I've reconfigured the sura 51 project and the sura 69 project to reflect their means of composition (as para-rajaz). Those would be "Provision" and "Blasting the Caliph" respectively. I've also overhauled "The Book of Nathan" in light of Abu Hatim's witness to the Walid anecdote. Lastly I have dredged up "The Jami of al-Hakam" (remember that?) and applied a few classical-era concepts I've learnt since first writing that thing.

UPDATE 9:05 PM - Also found some old references to the 16/43 link, in my first pass through these two suras back in spring 2003. Back then I thought 16>43 which I don't now. And I found more references to 16/35, where I'd thought 16>35... on this much, I haven't changed my mind. So I have updated "Plots" and "Islamic Ethics" again. Oh and I forgot a footnote in "Scripture of the Women" so that's where it should be now.

I have this uncomfortable feeling that my failure in 2003 to figure out suras 16 and 43 induced me to avoid both until this year. I suppose I just wasn't ready.


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