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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Upload #138 - remembering Jacob

I took a trip up to Estes Park today with my laptop and my worn-out copy of What the Koran Really Says. Goal: to reread Jakob Barth's article on Qur'anic emendations, and to apply it to the essays on hand here.

Nothing really new was found, but I marked some places for improvement to several essays. Now I'm here in my overheated house with no AC. I've been able to fix six essays so far: "Defending Jesus", "Plots against the Qurra", "Islamic Ethics", "Ararat Tax", "Solomon's Revenge", and "Reformer from Pharaoh's Family".

9:55 PM - since the main projects no longer support 66 > 21, that side-project "Prophet's Excuse" has taken on a "fix" as well. A more grudging one.


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