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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Upload #137 - everything must go

That chart I'd drafted last night pointed out sura 39 as a floater. So I needed to look at "Interceding with God" again. My records don't turn up much on that sura, so more research is needed there. I woke up early today, when it is cooler; so I'm physically *able* to do this...

My records turned up, instead, some correlations between suras 3, 5, 10, 13, 39, and 70. In the old days I'd just have thrown a tangle like this into a well a dark hole. But earlier this year we have set sura 70 in the chain, and further we've placed sura 5 before sura 22. So why not revisit sura 5's relationship with those others? This affected "The Musall√Ľn" as well.

I found another tangle o'er 13/35/39; but since I'm sure enough of 13>39>35 anyway, I decided just to go for it and stick that in "Islamic Ethics".

8:15 PM: I added some material to "Defending Jesus", to make it less of a placeholder. Also "Provision" because I suspect sura 51 may have used sura 27 now.


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